The part of a metastatic tumor is a term utilized to term its size and whether or not it has distributed out of its productive position. Knowing the specific variety and the podium of the metastatic tumor helps the doctors to want on the most advantageous rehabilitation for you.

* Stage 1 The malignant tumor one and only affects the connective tissue blanket the penis, the cranium of the penis (glans) or the skin.

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* Stage 2 The cancer has begun to transmission into the sluice of the phallus or into one of the body fluid nodes in the groin.

* Stage 3 The malignant neoplastic disease has cover reflective into the shaft of the penis or to many an humor nodes in the groin.

* Stage 4 The cancer has promulgation to liquid body substance nodes wide in the pelvis, or to different environment of the unit.

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If your malignant tumor comes rear legs after pilot treatment, this is far-famed as persistent cancer.


Grading refers to the pretext of the malignant neoplastic disease cells beneath the magnifier and gives an model of how hurriedly the malignant tumor may go forward. Low-grade channel that the malignant neoplastic disease cells exterior highly look-alike inborn cells; they are universally slow-growing and are smaller quantity likely to wipe. In finest tumors, the cells exterior tremendously abnormal, are likely to grow more quickly, and are more likely to dissemination.


There are many an types of conduct for erectile organ malignant tumor together with surgery, actinotherapy and therapy. Surgery of the penis has now precocious to a period now wherever it doesn't be set to the loss of the erectile organ. It is as well fermentable to now re-establish a member that has been operated on.

The hue of conduct that you are specified will depend on a number of things, as well as the rank and scope of the cancer, whether or not it has spread, the form of the cancer, and your generalized vigour.

Men next to metastatic tumor of the phallus should be burnt in a authority metastatic tumor midway.


Small, on the surface cancers that have not broadcast are activated by removing individual the melodramatic sphere of influence. The malignant neoplasm can be abstracted beside conformist surgery, victimisation optical device or by polar (cryotherapy). Cryotherapy is carried out next to a rimy probe, which freezes and kills the malignant tumor cells.

If the metastatic tumor is affecting lonesome the foreskin, it may be viable to extravagance it next to circumcision alone.

All the above treatments can usually be given to you as an outpatient. They may be through with under provincial or in general anesthetic, depending on one-on-one fate.

Wide area deletion If the malignant neoplasm has daub all over a wider area, you will necessitate to have an business activity set as a far-reaching local redaction. This agency removing the malignant neoplasm next to a front line of rubicund tissue about it. This frontier of in good health tissue is of value as it reduces the danger of the cancer upcoming aft in the future. The business activity is finished below general insensible and will touch on a stout be in consulting room.

Removing the erectile organ (penectomy) This may be wise if the metastatic tumor is spacious and is skin a huge locality of the member. Amputation may be partial (where division of the member is abstracted) or entire (removal of the livelong erectile organ). The business activity record fitting for you depends on the post of the tumour. If the growth is moral the floor of the penis, whole amputation may be the one and only risk.

The surgeon may likewise move liquid body substance nodes from the region if there is witness that malignant neoplastic disease cells have circulation to these nodes, or a prospect that they may have.

Re structural medical science It is frequently reasonable to have a phallus reconstructed after handicap. This requires another business activity. The techniques that may be utilised regard attractive skin and contractor from your arm, and exploitation this to product a new penis. Sometimes it is too getable for surgeons to reconnect whatsoever of the nerves, to supply perception and the requisite humor pitch to let the reconstructed phallus to turn fastigiate. This variety of surgery is carried out by surgeons who have specialiser experience, and you may stipulation to be carried to a expert medical wing to have the medical science finished.


Radiotherapy treats cancer exploitation high-energy rays to destroy metastatic tumor cells, spell doing as undersize injury as practicable to fit cells. It can be used previously or after medical science. Radiotherapy may too be fixed to nutrition symptoms, such as pain, if the cancer has transmission to otherwise surround of the body, similar to the finger cymbals.

External radiation is in general given as a sequence of to the point day by day treatments in the hospital's radiation therapy department. High-energy x-rays are directed from a machine at the realm of the malignant neoplastic disease. The treatments are universally given from Monday to Friday, with a take it easy at the period. Each reporting takes 10-15 transactions. The amount of treatments will be on the caste and extent of the cancer, but the entire curriculum of use for primordial cancer will commonly ending for up to six weeks. Your md will address the treatment and prospective on the side personal property next to you.

Before all meeting of radiotherapy, the medical specialist will post you attentively on the couch and get certain that you are homely. During your tending you will be leftmost alone in the room, but you will be able to settle to the specialist who will be observance you meticulously from the next legroom.

Radiotherapy is not painful, but you do have to lie motionless for a few written record patch your attention is state specified. The tending will not brand you radioactive and it is perfectly nontoxic for you to be with different people, together with children, after your attention.

Radioactive implants Radiotherapy can be given mistreatment a hot implant. This is likewise better-known as brachytherapy. Under a at large anesthetic, minor radioactive wires are highly painstakingly positioned in the melodramatic region of the erectile organ. The wires pass the time in dump for something like 4-5 days and are afterwards removed. This ploy of nursing is unremarkably previously owned for less significant cancers on the end of the member (the anatomical structure). While the entrench is in place, you condition to be in an stray breathing space in the consulting room so that some other family are not open without cause to the energy.

Side effects of radiotherapy

There are sometimes loin personal estate from irradiation analysis to the member. Towards the end of your treatment, the wrapping on your member can become sore and may stoppage set. Long-term, radiotherapy can create thickening and stiffening of wholesome tissues (fibrosis). In some men, this can upshot in narrowing of the duct that carries weewee through the phallus (the duct) and so can end in weakness in impermanent body waste. If narrowing of the duct does develop, it can by tradition be calmed by an business activity to long (dilate) the section. This is done by passing a channel into the canal and is performed lower than a overall anaesthetic.


Chemotherapy is the use of anti-cancer (cytotoxic) drugs to annihilate malignant neoplasm cells. It can be one medication or various drugs used in cooperation. It is not normally utilised to aliment cancer of the phallus. Chemotherapy lotion may sometimes be utilized to delicacy very small, primordial cancers that are restricted to the skin and end of the erectile organ (glans).

Chemotherapy may also be specified as tablets, or by injection, into a venous blood vessel for more precocious cancer. It may be fixed on beside medical science or therapy (or some).


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